Mission & Vision


Our Mission

The goal of Shalom Torah Academy is to provide Jewish children with an education that will be the
foundation for a wholesome, successful, growth-oriented life in the path of our Jewish heritage as both
American citizens and Jews. We accomplish this by giving our students a deep and
comprehensive text-based Torah education, as well as providing a rigorous General Studies curriculum
within the framework of a school community that supports a lifelong connection to Torah and the Jewish people.

Create The Right Environment

We create a happy, secure, caring, and well-ordered environment in keeping with the principles of the Torah.

Provide Opportunities

We provide opportunities for active and engaging learning while meeting the academic needs of each individual student.

Foster Self-Development

We foster accountability, self-discipline, and self-esteem in all students in their most formative years, giving them a solid foundation for life-long success.

Instill Knowledge & Skills

We provide a balanced and challenging curriculum that includes a broad knowledge base in the development of skills needed for success in secondary education.

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What makes Shalom Torah Academy different from other schools is the warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere as well as our caring staff. Schedule a private tour to experience firsthand what it is like to be part of our community!