We are excited that you are considering Shalom Torah for your children.

We Are Picky About Admissions And We Hope You Are Too!

We are very excited that you are considering Shalom Torah Academy for your child's education.
We currently enroll students from nursery age to eighth grade. During our three-step admission process,
we evaluate each child’s potential to contribute to and benefit from being part of our community.
Tour The School

Come and visit our school campus, meet with teachers and administrative staff, and get a feel for what it would be like sending your child to our school.


Once you have completed your school tour, you can submit an application including further details about your family and the child/children you wish to enroll with us.


After reviewing your application, we will arrange an interview. Our staff will meet with the prospective student(s) to determine acceptance and placement.

Our son has been going to Shalom Torah Academy for a few years now. He enjoys going there and we very happy with his Academics. We are also very happy with the Jewish studies and believe that they are having a very positive effect.

We are not an observant family. Yet, all three of our children attended STA. The dual curriculum was perfect since they learned all the secular subjects as well as a beautiful Judaic studies curriculum. The teachers were warm, loving, and effective. They were excellent role models. Parents always wonder if the public schools are better equipped to educate and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the public schools were inferior to STA. And the values espoused by STA cannot be found in the public schools.

The children bring home the beauty and inspiration of Judaism. There is no comparison to a secular/public school. Some think there are “sacrifices” to sending your kids to a small Jewish day school but what the children learn about their Jewish heritage and Jewish identity far outweighs the loss of soccer or music. These can easily be pursued after school.

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Richard and Raisa Misyuk, Current School Parents
Mitchell and Robin Berko, Former School Parents

Why Choose A Private School?

As a small private school, we have an advantage. We can modify our curriculum much quicker to represent the latest, research-based teaching methods and best practices. 

Many of our parents also choose to send their children to a private school for a better learning environment, significantly less bullying and social peer pressure, much smaller class sizes, and lower child/teacher ratios which allow for much more individual attention. 

Why Choose A Jewish School?

There are many advantages to sending your child to a Jewish Day School, but in our opinion, a Jewish child growing up and being educated in an environment that reflects his or her heritage, religious beliefs, and culture gives a child deep roots that will allow him or her to withstand many obstacles later in life. 

In addition to an outstanding general education, our kids also value and appreciate the Torah, mitzvot, and Israel.