Why Choose Shalom Torah?

Thankfully, when it comes to Jewish Day Schools, you have many
choices in Central New Jersey. Here is why we think Shalom Torah is a great choice.


Outstanding Academics

Our challenging programs in both General and Judaic Studies are widely recognized for their excellence. Learning is discipline-based, and the curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect the latest, best practices in education. Your child will receive a solid grounding in language arts, social studies, science, math, STEM, and physical education while enjoying the arts and comprehensive extracurricular programming.

Tailored To Each Child's Needs

We are committed to providing the best education for each of our students. Support services, staff, and classroom teachers work with children of diverse learning styles and strengths to foster an environment that meets a wide range of needs. The social development and growing self-esteem of each child are as important as academic growth. Teamwork and cooperation are valued and modeled at each grade level.

Involved & Connected Students

Whether in the classroom, science lab, STEM class, or on stage performing in the auditorium, our goal is to get our students excited for and involved in all different levels of learning and extracurricular participation. We strongly believe that an involved student is a connected student, and Shalom students are encouraged and given every opportunity to connect to their learning in exciting ways.

Nurturing The Soul

We not only challenge the mind — we nurture the soul. Our Judaic Studies curriculum is rich in Jewish tradition, the study of Torah and prayer, and a deep and abiding love for the culture, connection, and people of Israel.

Exceptional Staff

Our faculty and staff are nurturing, talented, and creative. Our teachers are well educated and are dedicated to the success of every one of their students. They are also attentive to and care deeply about the needs of the whole child.

Inclusive Community

No matter what your background is, we respect and welcome families of all levels of observance. Here at Shalom Torah, we warmly welcome any and all Jews to come and be a part of the Shalom experience!

Schedule A Tour!

What makes Shalom Torah Academy different from other schools is the warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere as well as our caring staff. Schedule a private tour to experience firsthand what it is like to be part of our community!