Judaic Studies

Instilling strong Torah values, a love and a passion for the Torah, Mitzvos, Eretz Yisroel, and our rich Jewish Heritage.

The Pillars Of Our Jewish Education

Shalom Torah Academy provides a warm and nurturing learning environment for Jewish children from families of all religious backgrounds. However, our families all have one thing in common: an appreciation of their Jewish heritage and customs.

Torah Study

Our students learn how to interpret the Written Torah and Oral Tradition (Mishna and Gemara) as groups in stimulating debate which is the hallmark of Talmud study. Our students will master the ability to independently study the Torah with careful analysis of the text and with the input of the classical commentaries.

Torah Values

We instill in our students solid, time tested Torah values which are the cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian societies around the world and the basis of Western Civilization. Our students will not just imbibe their opinions and ideas, they will form them based on comprehensive study of ethics and morals.


Daily prayer (tefillah) is part of every school day — from our toddlers exploring prayers through songs to our older students being able to follow and even lead an entire service.  


From learning conversational modern Hebrew to interpreting Aramaic texts, our students will learn how to speak, write, and read Hebrew — the language that connects all the Jewish people.

In Early Childhood

Even our littlest students love Judaic studies. Our teachers focus on providing an appreciation of Jewish culture and traditions, and build an impressive and immersive introduction to conversational Hebrew language. And, of course, we prepare for and celebrate the Jewish holidays together. 

In Elementary School

In elementary school, our Judaic Studies program focuses on instilling a love of Torah and Eretz Yisroel by learning about Jewish history and culture. Our students will study Chumash (Bible) and Navi (Books of the Prophets), learn to pray and understand the meaning of the prayers, as well as develop their Hebrew conversation and writing skills through our total immersion classes.

In Middle School

In middle school, our students build on their understanding of mitzvos and deepen their appreciation for their Jewish heritage by conducting an in-depth analysis of Biblical texts including commentaries and Talmudic discussions.

At this stage our students will embark on thought-provoking and stimulating learning of the ethical and moral teachings of the Torah. Our students are encouraged to question and challenge in order to more clearly and fully understand not just the laws and the texts but the meaning and lessons behind them.

Our students learn to speak Hebrew fluently as part of their total immersion language classes. They also learn about Israeli culture and history, and develop a love for the land and the people of Israel.


Our Children Are Our Future

The goal of Shalom Torah Academy is to provide the next generation of American Jews with an outstanding General Studies education complemented by an appreciation for Jewish Heritage and love of the Torah, the mitzvos, mankind, and the Land of Israel.

After completing their education at Shalom Torah, our students walk away with life-long skills and as better people — ready to take on the world.

  • They are stronger, more resilient, and happier individuals who are deeply rooted in their heritage.
  • They have developed a love of Torah, mitzvos, and Jewish holidays that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.
  • They have a profound appreciation for Jewish history, culture, heritage, values, and Eretz Israel.
  • They are comfortable joining any prayer service and feel a deep belonging to the Jewish community.
  • They are fluent in conversational and written Hebrew.
  • They have a well-developed sense of right and wrong, and will be growth oriented people.

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