General Studies

Our goal is to set our students up for lifelong success in a complex job market and a fast-paced world by achieving academic excellence and nurturing social and emotional development.

The Pillars Of Our General Studies Program

We strive to provide our students with a strong foundation which will enable them to advance in their education in a way in which they will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in today's complex world and the job market. We align our curriculum with the excellent public schools in the area, but by being a smaller private school we are able to improve and adjust our teaching methods faster to be more in tune with the needs of individual students — making Shalom Torah as good if not better than other schools in the area.
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Our students learn English in a fun, engaging, and interactive fashion to gain crucial skills for success, including reading fluency and comprehension, proper use of grammar, an appreciation for literature, and the ability to creatively and scientifically write.
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Our problem-based learning Math program, Envision 2.0, provides the rigor and real-world applications needed to meet state standards. Additionally we challenge students to pass three levels of fluency drills that grow increasingly more challenging at every grade level.

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We integrate art throughout our learning to increase our students' exposure to it so they can express themselves creatively. Our students are taught about how to lay out shapes and images to bring out different effects, how to match colors to get the most efficacy from it, and many other techniques to learn Art in an educated and methodical way.

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Technology & Coding

All of our classes have technology infused throughout the curriculum. At each grade level they will be exposed to online coding games, programming, and general computer skills (e.g., using Microsoft Office as well as Google Apps) at an age-appropriate level as part of their learning.
Light Years Ahead


Students at Shalom Torah learn science through hands-on immersive activities. They get opportunities throughout the year to conduct experiments in our state-of-the-art science lab and take field trips to museums and more.

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At Shalom Torah Academy, we believe in exploring specific topics in a 3-month thematic approach which allows students to not only deepen their subject knowledge, but also apply their learnings across other subjects.

Academic Excellence & Practical Life Skills

In addition to giving our students an appreciation for their Jewish heritage and love of the Torah, the mitzvot, mankind, and the Land of Israel, our goal is to provide our students with an outstanding General Studies education that will not only enable them to be successful in whichever high school they choose, but will also give them a foundation for success in college and life beyond educational careers.

  • Our students can confidently join any high school program knowing they are academically on par with or ahead of their peers.
  • Our students feel safe to creatively express themselves and speak up for themselves and their peers.
  • Our students get exposed to and comfortable with various Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics topics.
  • Our students learn practical life skills that will help them in high school, college, their job, and life, such as problem-solving, emotional intelligence, how to research, and much more.

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