Elementary School

First through fourth grades are formative years in a child's social, emotional, and educational development. Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, and nurturing environment for our students to reach their fullest potential. 

The Seed For Lifelong Love For Learning Is Planted In The Elementary Grades

Graduates of the elementary school program are empowered with both a strong knowledge base and skills and are prepared for the challenges of lifelong learning. They have the tools and confidence to be productive, independent, and successful as they move forward into Middle School.

Our teachers concentrate on truly understanding each child’s individual abilities in order to provide him or her with the requisite tools and motivation for growth placing a special emphasis on developing a warm relationship with their students and making the learning process vibrant and enjoyable.  

Within Shalom Torah's Elementary Division you will find:

  • Interdisciplinary thematic learning cycles to deepen focus and nurture the ability to apply learnings to other subjects
  • Hands-on learning, e.g., learning about animal life cycles by watching chicks hatch in an incubator or butterflies emerge from their cocoons in our classrooms 
  • Caring certified teachers and staff who create a warm and nurturing atmosphere for a safe and inspiring learning environment
  • Technology is integrated where appropriate to assist learning (1 tablet or Chromebook per child)
  • A creative and exciting curriculum based on the latest research that culminates in an exciting field trip or project
  • An extensive STEM program including elective opportunities during lunchtime
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education

Judaic Studies Curriculum

Our Judaic Studies program instills in our students a love of Torah and Eretz Yisroel as they learn about Jewish history and culture. In preparation for Middle School, we develop Hebrew Language conversation through our total immersion classes and writing skills through a structured program in each grade. Our students will learn to pray and understand the meaning of the prayers. They will study Chumash (Bible) and Navi (Books of the Prophets) with attention to textual analysis.



Shalom Torah Academy uses the L’havin U’Lehaskil program for Chumash in our elementary school classes. The program, put out by the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools, develops Chumash reading skills, and engenders mastery by constantly spiraling back to previously taught skills. Embedded within the program is a technological component that is SMARTboard compatible, allowing our students to access the information in both a print and interactive format. Students master the academic skills necessary to eventually become self-sufficient in Torah study and be prepared to pursue joyful lifelong Torah learning. Students further develop their skills of reading and translating the text of the Chumash, and demonstrate comprehension of the storyline and key concepts as well. Instruction focuses on the Rashi commentary, and students develop their ability to read and understand this seminal work in its original form. 


Foundational Pillars of the Torah Environment

To create a lifelong love for Torah and instill a positive Jewish identity, the curriculum is enriched with a variety of programs that focus on Shabbos, the Jewish holidays, and middot (character development). Through assemblies, contests, songs, and school-wide events, students develop a firm, lifelong appreciation for our rich Jewish heritage and mitzvos.

Hebrew Language Arts

Students develop their conversational Hebrew using a “whole-language” approach to instruction which focuses on reading and writing skills, as well as Hebrew literature and grammar. Students learn about the Land of Israel as well as special days on the Jewish calendar.

General Studies Curriculum

At Shalom Torah, we provide our students with a nurturing and warm environment and a highly stimulating program maximizing their individual success by tailoring the instruction to each child's needs. Our interactive, hands-on methodology offers students many opportunities to explore and express their opinions and ideas. 

In elementary school, learning comes to life through engaging activities and field trips, math and science fairs, annual read-a-thons, as well as unique and exciting multi-media assembly programs. Our students practice fundamental math and reading skills with SuccessMaker ™, a program that gauges each student’s math and reading levels and pinpoints areas of difficulty to focus on. Shalom Torah prides itself on using best practices to enhance the learning process. Our students also prepare for the real world as they learn the use of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.


English/Language Arts 

Students are exposed to a variety of genres and quality literature as they read several trade books throughout the year in addition to the Literature Anthology.

Students learn to cite text evidence, determine the theme, compare and contrast a story and video, analyze story elements, and more. Developing a robust vocabulary is encouraged through Vocabulary Workshop activities, and students learn strategies to determine word meaning through context.

Units of study are supplemented by ongoing units of poetry and informational text. The writing curriculum includes three main genres of writing each year, with in-depth lessons on the specific areas of focus using mini-lessons. An emphasis is placed on developing powerful essays as students are required to write across the curriculum. 


EnVision Math 2.0 is a blended math program that provides the rigor and real-world applications needed to meet state standards. Problem-based learning is a hallmark of the EnVision Math Program, and students benefit from individualized practice using technology as well as print material.

STA supplements the EnVision program with the Principal’s Challenge: Students are challenged to pass three levels of fluency drills that grow increasingly more challenging at every grade level.

Experience Shalom Torah In Person

What makes Shalom Torah Academy different from other schools is the warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere as well as our caring staff. Schedule a private tour to experience firsthand what it is like to be part of our community!