The Positive Impact Of A Quality Jewish Day School Education Will Last For Years To Come

A 2007 national study conducted by the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) on the impact of Jewish day school education confirms what is known to be true anecdotally. A study of Jewish college students who attended public, secular private, and Jewish day schools concluded the following about Jewish high school alumni from non-Orthodox backgrounds.


Improved General Studies

  • They are the most positive about the level of intellectual challenge and the efforts of teachers to engage them in classes.
  • They are most positive about the encouragement and support received from teachers.

Easier College Life

  • Their Jewish day school education provides outstanding preparation for a broad range of colleges and universities, including those that are most selective.
  • They participate in all aspects of undergraduate life and are well represented in the ranks of student leaders.

Better Social Attitudes

  • They are more resistant than their public school peers to social pressures, such as heavy drinking, that lead to other risky behaviors.
  • They are more likely to restrict their dating to Jewish peers and be involved with Jewish life, learning, observance, Israel, and Jewish cultural activities on campus.

Stronger Leadership Skills

  • They are more likely to demonstrate a stronger sense of responsibility for addressing the needs of the larger society by influencing social values, helping those in need, and volunteering time for social change efforts.

Choosing A Jewish Day School

Today, about 40% of all students receiving a Jewish education do so in day schools. These are no longer just the children of the most observant families, but children from all movements Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Modern Orthodox whose parents want to provide them with a stellar, values-based education that prepares them to succeed in a complex world. 

In addition to the formal education process, students thrive in a warm, nurturing environment and appreciate the opportunities to build strong relationships with both faculty and peers.