Shalom Torah Academy serves families in Morganville, Manalapan, and surrounding areas with children 18 months to 8th grade providing academic excellence in Judaic and general studies.

Early Childhood

(18 months - Kindergarten)
Our Early Childhood Division is cherished by parents, teachers, and most of all by our students for its incredible warmth, love, and security that encourages each child to blossom and grow and maximize his or her potential.
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(1st - 5th Grade)
Our Elementary School Division provides an inspiring, fun, and engaging environment as well as a challenging yet tailored curriculum that instills confidence and love of life-long learning to set your child up for success.
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Middle School

(6th - 8th Grade)
Our Middle School Division enables budding teenagers to develop into kind, caring, responsible, and confident young adults while it lays an excellent academic foundation for succeeding in high school, college, and later in life.
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Well-Balanced Jewish & Secular Education

Sending your child to a Jewish Day School will mean the gift of a rich heritage, strong Torah values, AND a great secular studies education!

Judaic Studies

The goal of our Judaic Studies Program is to instill a love of Torah, Mitzvot, and Eretz Yisroel in our students. We love seeing our students progress from preschoolers and kindergartners being first exposed to the basics of the Hebrew language as well as Jewish observance and values to our middle schoolers having Talmudic discussions while mastering the Aramaic texts.

General Studies

We proudly and consistently provide the same or an even higher level of academic excellence as our very good public school system. We offer an extensive and immersive STEM program, including lots of hands-on activities, field trips, and interactive presentations. We take an interdisciplinary approach to learning and constantly strive to improve our curriculum based on the latest research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a new school can be intimidating and usually comes with a lot of questions.

While we would love to answer any question you might have in person, we listed the most frequent concerns here. 

How do you handle bullying?

We have a very strict, no-tolerance policy against bullying and intimidating behaviors. We take every opportunity to model and teach the uplifting and noble values of the Torah. We are proud of the decorum, warmth, kindness, and love that are hallmarks of our school environment.

How do you help children with learning difficulties?

We have an entire department devoted to individual development, education support, and enrichment. Each student is individually assessed and tracked to create a unique learning plan that nurtures their strengths and helps them with areas in which they might need more assistance. We also work with the NJ state and local education support programs to ensure that our students get the help they need to thrive.

Do you have a special program for specially gifted children?

Yes, our WINGS program is one of the ways in which we challenge students who excel in some or all of their subjects. Additionally, within the classroom, our teachers strive to tailor lessons to challenge children across the spectrum of ability within the grade-appropriate curriculum.

Can my child join from public school, even if they don't speak Hebrew yet?

There are many children who join us from public school (from the surrounding areas or the Greater NYC / tristate area) who don't yet speak Hebrew or had little to no exposure to Judaic studies. Because of our individualized learning plans, your children will feel right at home and be able to get up to speed in no time. 

We are not religious. How will going to a Jewish Day School affect my child in terms of religious observance?

We are immensely proud that our students come from all kinds of families. While we teach all children Jewish prayers, how to read and interpret the Torah, and about halachic observance, we aspire that our students should be knowledgeable and comfortable in any setting of Jewish life, not convert them to orthodoxy. Ultimately, our goal is for our students to be good people, armed with the timeless values of the Torah and a strong sense of their heritage and roots.

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What makes Shalom Torah Academy different from other schools is the warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere as well as our caring staff. Schedule a private tour to experience firsthand what it is like to be part of our community!